Stamping Sunday!

I didn't do stamping nail art for a while so today, I decided to do one.

These are the stuffs I used!
HK Girl for topcoat
Studio M Purple Medallion for stamping polish
Catherine Arley 801 for base polish
Red Angel stamping plate # 113
Stamper and Scraper set

Last night, after work, I painted my nails with Catherine Arley 801 nail polish so its ready for today.

Last night shots!

 Today's Shots!

I love the linear holographic from gold to yellow of this polish.

Then, I did the stamping. I love this Studio M Purple Medallion as a stamping polish. I just gave it a try to see if it will work and I am glad that it did, and gave an awesome results.
Glittery!!! I love it!
Right Hand and Left Hand

See the glitters? They are so sparkly that you can even see them sparkling in the dark. I am satisfied with the results. 

Thats all for now!
Happy Sunday!


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