Lookie ladies, I got some awesome nail mails yesterday but I had to work so I am just posting them today...

Let me start with an awesome lady named Amy, I was her secret bunny on a Polish Exchange group I am in. I was looking for these polishes and she told me she will try to get them for me and tadahhhhhhhhhhh, here they are. She was so nice to get them for me. Thats because I was a good bunny, I am just taking a good karma. :)
She included a thank you note for all the goodies I got her. How sweet!

 Amazing holos which I love so much!

Thank you so much Amy!!! I love them both, can't wait for them to be on my nails.
You're welcome too for all the goodies I got for you on your bunny package, like I said, I enjoyed shopping for you. I am glad that you love all of them too. 

Next, is from another awesome lady, Adina, she's in the same polish group with me and Amy. Oh, she was so nice that she put some extra goodies for me. How did she know that I love those colors?
And a card, how sweet, thanks Adina.

Hits Chameleon and Nfu Oh 61

This is my first ever Nfu Oh nail polish, I can't wait to use it.

I love the color shifting on this polish, Im excited how good it will look on my nails.

The EXTRAS! I love them both, my favorite colors. Thank you so much for these. You are so nice to throw some extra goodies.

My goodies from Adina. Thank you!!!!

All my goodies for today!

Thats all for now. Thank you ladies!
Have a great weekend!
Today, I fell in love with this polish, I am not into browns or tans but this is holo goodness so I used it. I made nail polish stud earrings using some leopard nail art and this polish and I fell in love, thats when I decided that I want it on my nails.

OPI DS Desire is hard to find now, I am so lucky I got one. This is a beautiful chocolate holographic nail polish. Pictures below shows how awesome it is on nails.

Bottle Shot!

Indoor Shot without flash!

Indoor Shot with flash!

Outdoor shots, with sunlight! Awesome Holo!

This is the stud earrings I made using OPI DS!
Isn't is pretty?

So, that earrings inspired me to do my nails. I used waterslide nail decals for the leopard print.
Here are the pics!
Indoor Shot no flash!

Indoor Shots with flash, Left Hand!

Right Hand!

Outdoor shots!

I sooooo loved the results and happy that I finally tried this polish.
Thats all for now ya'll!
I got to go and help a friend to file for her citizenship. I wish her luck!
Have a great day and weekend ahead!
I am so excited to try this color on me. It looks so good from the bottle.
The bottle pictures are from KB Shimmer. I just want to show you why I decided to buy this color along with Key Lime Pie. These are my first polishes from KB Shimmer and to tell you, I love them both!

I love the shimmer on this polish. Hard for me to capture the real shade even in direct sunlight. 

This is a purple to dark purple base in person with lots of tiny holographic teal glitters with other holographic glitters that looked so beautiful under the sun. I love when the red, gold, teal and silver glitters shines on the sunlight.

See how amazing the glitters...

Indoor Shot!

I'm telling you guys, the shade of this polish in person is a little different from the pictures. I mean its more beautiful than these pictures I took. Like I said, its hard to capture the beautiful shade of this. Get one and you wont regret a bit!

Thats all for now! You all have a great day!
Yesterday, I had to paint my nails so its ready for today!
So, heres my nails!
Excuse the messy cuticles.
These are water slide nail decals on clear so I had to paint my nails white first to make the decals really visible. I love the results.
So Patriotic!

The bad thing, I had to work so there was some chipping when I got home but anyway, they still looked great so I didnt bother changing them.

Hubby: So did you get any compliment or did somebody look at your nails?
Me: Yes, they look but they couldn't say a compliment because they don't speak English!

Now, lets talk about my Oath Ceremony!

My appointment was at 9:00 am today. So, base on the ridiculous traffic last time we went for my interview and testing, we decided to leave early as 5:30 am today. Thanks to my awesome supervisor last night, she let me leave early so I can get some sleep.

On the way, we stopped twice to get something to eat and used the bathroom. Amazingly, the traffic was nice and smooth. As a result, we arrived the destination an hour and half early. We just waited and relax in the car.
Around 8:15, we decided to check in, lots of people already in line to get in. We ended up waiting half an hour upstairs anyway, it was on 4th floor of the building, with only 2 very narrow elevator that fits only 6 people. We had to line up to use them coz of many people scheduled for oath ceremony.

It was very organized, lots of family members and interpreters were there, TAKE NOTE OF THIS: INTERPRETERS. Are you kidding me, how the hell they passed that freaking test in English? The written and oral! Why would you call them american citizen while they can't even speak and understand English which is the language of the country. UNBELIEVABLE!!! BUT IT HAPPENED!!!

Anyway, there were 63 people that took an oath. It was very organized, first 7 rows are for the citizens to be and the rest are for family members, about 100 of them.
At exactly 9:00 am, we started by falling in line to surrender our Green Card and notice of oath ceremony(they will give or mail this to you), made sure you didn't have any changes after your interview and testing. Then, the officer asked you to check your certificate of naturalization if there is any corrections or if all the information on it are correct. We did that for almost an hour, well, for 63 people and most of them can't speak English, what would you expect.

9:30 am. hubby needed to come down to feed the parking meter and smoke, so we dont get a ticket. He needed to be back before 10:00 because they will lock or close the door and he won't be able to come back in.

10:00 am, the ceremony started with the National Anthem. Then, we sworn and became citizen, YAYYYYY! Then, we watched video of the President welcoming us. Then, the Pledge of Allegiance. After that, they call us for our certificate and picture taking. Well, hubby tried to take pictures but got crappy shots so I dont have anything to show you guys. :(
We got done by 10:30 am.

After that, you have the option if you want to register to vote. Since the elevators were small, we decided to just go before it gets really crowded. I was just so happy to get out of there! Big, big YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!^

Here is how the Certificate of Naturalization look!
It comes in 8.5 x 11 inches

My sister in law and brother in law gave me a nice celebration. 
They bought me this cake!

 And also, cooked crab legs for me and steak for my hubby since he doesn't eat any seafood. Oh my, that was a great dinner and how thoughtful were they?

All I can say is I am so proud of myself, and I am so happy that my family are proud of me too!
Thats priceless!

Thats all for now, you all have a great day!

I got my free Zoya mini trio today from their Take Three Free! Zoya Pinterest Mini Trio.

It went like this:

And the three winners from pinning on Pinterest were announced and they are.....

And of course, I was in front of my computer till 12:01am of 6/11/2012 so I can grab one of this mini trio! Guess what I got one, yay! To take note that they only have 2000 to give away. I was so happy! But I still had to pay for shipping, would be really nice if it was free shipping too. Oh well, I'm still thankful.

So, yesterday, this was on my mailbox! Now, that was a fast shipping!

Inside the box!

They came in .25 fl oz/7.5 ml bottles, these are so cute! I love them.

Thats all for now! 
Ya'll have a great day!

Tomorrow is a big day for me, my Interview and Testing for Naturalization. So today, I decided to do a quick nail art on my nails.

I used Nail Foil Wraps then top coated with Led Light Gel topcoat.

This is the nail foil wrap, it comes in 8 times 2 in different sizes. It is very shiny, its hard to capture with my camera how shiny it is.

These are the items I used.

The result....
I love them, and the color, my favorite. Blue!!!

I love the awesome shines of this. I can see them in the dark. More pictures with the sunlight!
Left Hand

Right Hand

Oh my gosh, Im so inlove with my nails right now. They say that led and uv lights gel top coats are good for foil nails, so i hope this helps especially these are cheap nail foil wraps that lift on the edges easy if I only use regular top coat. So far, I dont have any lifting, crossing my fingers that at least they stay like that till after tomorrow's appointment.

So, I am so ready for tomorrow, a little nervous but I guess thats normal, right! 
I hope this is my lucky nails.

You all have a great day!