Tomorrow is a big day for me, my Interview and Testing for Naturalization. So today, I decided to do a quick nail art on my nails.

I used Nail Foil Wraps then top coated with Led Light Gel topcoat.

This is the nail foil wrap, it comes in 8 times 2 in different sizes. It is very shiny, its hard to capture with my camera how shiny it is.

These are the items I used.

The result....
I love them, and the color, my favorite. Blue!!!

I love the awesome shines of this. I can see them in the dark. More pictures with the sunlight!
Left Hand

Right Hand

Oh my gosh, Im so inlove with my nails right now. They say that led and uv lights gel top coats are good for foil nails, so i hope this helps especially these are cheap nail foil wraps that lift on the edges easy if I only use regular top coat. So far, I dont have any lifting, crossing my fingers that at least they stay like that till after tomorrow's appointment.

So, I am so ready for tomorrow, a little nervous but I guess thats normal, right! 
I hope this is my lucky nails.

You all have a great day!


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