Today, I decided to do my nails in a fast way.  So, I used nail foil wraps in Peacock design. And guess what, I love the result!

Here are some other pictures I took, I love the design, its shiny, no heat, no topcoat needed(its your option if you want to put one on). Really fast nail art I did for 15 minutes or maybe less.

The Collage!

I forgot to take a picture how the sheet of these nail foil wraps looked like but this is similar with it, its just different design, so here is what it looks like before I open them and used on my nails. It came with 8 times 2 different sizes.
1. Use a cuticle-pusher to push back the cuticle, use a nail filer to buff the natural nails and make the surface shiny and clear. The nail surface has to be proper clean and grease-free

2. Select foils that fit the nails and peel it off

3. Apply foils on nail and smooth it. Make sure there's some gap in the cuticles because if it sticks on the skin, the might fall off easily.

4. Use a nail filer to cut off the excessive foil

5. As an option you can apply glue or a clear nail polish to the tip of the nail to seal the foil to the free edge. It can make the foil last longer on the nail.

6. To remove just loose one edge and pull it off, the residues you can remove with nail polish remover!

Thats all for now, you all have a great day!