Lookie ladies, I got some awesome nail mails yesterday but I had to work so I am just posting them today...

Let me start with an awesome lady named Amy, I was her secret bunny on a Polish Exchange group I am in. I was looking for these polishes and she told me she will try to get them for me and tadahhhhhhhhhhh, here they are. She was so nice to get them for me. Thats because I was a good bunny, I am just taking a good karma. :)
She included a thank you note for all the goodies I got her. How sweet!

 Amazing holos which I love so much!

Thank you so much Amy!!! I love them both, can't wait for them to be on my nails.
You're welcome too for all the goodies I got for you on your bunny package, like I said, I enjoyed shopping for you. I am glad that you love all of them too. 

Next, is from another awesome lady, Adina, she's in the same polish group with me and Amy. Oh, she was so nice that she put some extra goodies for me. How did she know that I love those colors?
And a card, how sweet, thanks Adina.

Hits Chameleon and Nfu Oh 61

This is my first ever Nfu Oh nail polish, I can't wait to use it.

I love the color shifting on this polish, Im excited how good it will look on my nails.

The EXTRAS! I love them both, my favorite colors. Thank you so much for these. You are so nice to throw some extra goodies.

My goodies from Adina. Thank you!!!!

All my goodies for today!

Thats all for now. Thank you ladies!
Have a great weekend!


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