So, I decided to join the Julep Mavens last May 28, 2012. And  base on my "whats your style" quiz, I am American Beauty. 

Well, I didnt like the intro box for that style so I chose the IT GIRL intro box. I wasnt expecting the fast shipping for intro box, so when I got home last night, this was waiting for me.

And I was sooooooo excited to open it...

Here they are...
3 Julep Nail Polishes and a set of toe separators....

I love all the colors I got!

Jessica -  soft and sweet baby blue creme.
Mandy - fresh, bright, deep coral-pink.
Brooke - sheer, shimmery purlple. Use alone or over another shade 
to add the modern twist.

I am happy with what I got, now, I cant wait for my first real box(is that what you call it? lol). I guess I will have to decide if I want it or skip it. We shall see. 

Thats all for now, you guys have a great day!


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