So, I was so busy last week to even post and check out my amazing nail mails from different people on different polish groups I belong.

I will start with my Juleps, this is the first month after my Intro box and I am so happy that I didn't skip because of the free polish called America.
Daphne, Mila, Kate, America (my It Girl box) and the add ons Chelsea and O Canada

 These polishes are from awesome Amy that bought some for me last time too and I liked them so I asked her to grab me some more.

Studio M
Green Envy, Magic Attraction, Slammin Red, Purple Medallion
Covered with Diamonds and De-luxe-cious

 These 2 are my very first from another polish swap group
Catrice Dirty Berry and Nostalgic Pizzazz

 I was able to get this when she opened her shop
Pretty & Polished Bayou Blitz

From swap group
Pretty & Polished Sand Art
Oh my, I am so happy to have this...

 From Shalon's swap
My first Once Upon a Polish Under the Sea and Floatsam and Jetsam
My first Fergie too... Hollywood Walk of Fame

 I bought this minis as soon as Rainbow Honey opened her shop
Mare of the Moon and Element of Magic

From swap. Im happy to have this polish.
Catrice Sold Out Forever

From Copious
Kleancolor Holo Chrome

This one is from Copious too
My very first Models Own Peacock Green

Awesome Rachel got this for me from Polish Swap group order
One of my very first polish too
Rescue Beauty Lounge in Faraway(LE)

I got these from HERE
 Waterslide Nail Decals

Lastly, are my stamping plates
Cheeky and the New Bundle Monster set plates

 All My Goodies from mails

And I want to show you my haul from Rite Aid's Clearance Sale

A lot more to add on my collection! I love everything. They made my day.
That's all for now.
Stay cool polish-aholic ladies like me!


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