Hi all,
I've been MIA for so long. I had to deal with lots of things and plus busy with work.

Ok, I have a reveal for the Snow Bunny that I joined for Christmas, its like Secret Santa from one of my nail polish groups. I have pictures of the goodies I got from awesome lady whom I will reveal her name at the bottom of my post.  Only pictures this time, I didn't have any motivation to make a video, I didn't feel confident in front of camera like last time :(.

Here it goes!
The box!

And looks whats inside!

 Paris Memories, they didn't have names just numbers.

I love this french manicure set!

Darling Diva Polish in Red After Wolf, Catrice Birdy Reloaded, Only You Miss Bikini(I love this one)
da Glam & Glitter and da Color & Shine

 Essence The Boy Next Door, Let's Get Lost and I Love Bad Boys
Thank you for these blues!!!

Etos cuticle oil and Etos nail polishes, they didn't have names too but I love them all

Extras, there is something missing that I ate already lol.  I was not able to control myself as soon as I open it.

This mirror/disco ball lip gloss is soooooo cool!

Close up, open.  Cherry flavored lip gloss.

All my goodies. Thank you so much my dear bunny!

Awwww, this card is so darn cute! Makes me smile a lot! :))))

And my bunny is.............
Madonna Heertjes!
Thank you so much Maddy, I love all the stuffs that you picked for me. 
I can't thank you enough.  They made me happy!
My favorite polish from all of them!

That's all for tonight, I hope you enjoy my reveal!
Good night and Thank You!

Thanks to the ladies who organized this thing too, cheers!

So its
so I did my nails for this awareness. 

Breast Cancer Awareness means a lot to me.  My two Aunts (my mom's cousins) back in Philippines lost their battle from it.  My niece is a survivor and my sister-in-law is currently fighting it.  And thats one of the reasons why I GO PINK WEDNESDAY!

I find this link helpful to know more about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

Today, I want to show you my pink wednesday mani.

I used stamping for these! Bundle monster stamping plate bm-321.

Its hard for me to capture how beautiful this mani is, the weather is just so gloomy outside and the lighting in the house is bad too.

That's all for now, I hope you guys like it.
Till next time!
Take care all!

Hello everyone, todays post is still nail polish related.
Last year, we went to Folly Beach, South Carolina and I collected some little and big seashells.
I decided to paint them with my nail polishes because I was bored and my nail polishes usually takes my boredom away but I just painted my nails.

Here are the pics before...

Here are the after pics... Soooo colorful!

These are just part of my seashells collections. The other ones I still have to paint when the boredom strikes me again. I loved the colorful results.
Thats all for now. 
You all have a great day!

Mani Monday!
This polish became one of my favorites. Its a very pretty blue with holographic glitters. They said its a dupe of NOPI Me+Blue, I don't really care if its a dupe. It is still very beautiful.
I used 2 coats on these pics.

 See the amazing glitters on it? I love it!!!

I decided to use some waterslide nail decals and they even look better.
The flower nail decals looked good on this polish.

So, what you guys think? I loved the result.
That's all for now, have a great day!!
So, I was so busy last week to even post and check out my amazing nail mails from different people on different polish groups I belong.

I will start with my Juleps, this is the first month after my Intro box and I am so happy that I didn't skip because of the free polish called America.
Daphne, Mila, Kate, America (my It Girl box) and the add ons Chelsea and O Canada

 These polishes are from awesome Amy that bought some for me last time too and I liked them so I asked her to grab me some more.

Studio M
Green Envy, Magic Attraction, Slammin Red, Purple Medallion
Covered with Diamonds and De-luxe-cious

 These 2 are my very first from another polish swap group
Catrice Dirty Berry and Nostalgic Pizzazz

 I was able to get this when she opened her shop
Pretty & Polished Bayou Blitz

From swap group
Pretty & Polished Sand Art
Oh my, I am so happy to have this...

 From Shalon's swap
My first Once Upon a Polish Under the Sea and Floatsam and Jetsam
My first Fergie too... Hollywood Walk of Fame

 I bought this minis as soon as Rainbow Honey opened her shop
Mare of the Moon and Element of Magic

From swap. Im happy to have this polish.
Catrice Sold Out Forever

From Copious
Kleancolor Holo Chrome

This one is from Copious too
My very first Models Own Peacock Green

Awesome Rachel got this for me from Polish Swap group order
One of my very first polish too
Rescue Beauty Lounge in Faraway(LE)

I got these from HERE
 Waterslide Nail Decals

Lastly, are my stamping plates
Cheeky and the New Bundle Monster set plates

 All My Goodies from mails

And I want to show you my haul from Rite Aid's Clearance Sale

A lot more to add on my collection! I love everything. They made my day.
That's all for now.
Stay cool polish-aholic ladies like me!