So, my stepson got married last St. Patty's Day and requested if I could design hair sticks for the bridesmaids and put the names on each pair. He thought I am good on arts, lol but anyway, here are the outcome. He specified the color I can use, white, gray, olive green and golden/canary yellow.

He sent me 10 pairs of these, so these are before...
and these are After...

I started by paiting them in solid colors based on the couple's color choices.

Then, I painted the bridemaids' names...

Lastly, I put some nail decals on them and these are the final results...

And I just put them back to their packaging and were ready, I so love the results.
I am preety sure, I will make one for myself.
One thing I forgot, is to take pictures of the bridesmaids when they were wearing this.

That all for now, have a great day!
This is a very simple easy nail art. I don't know but for some reason I can't just wear nail polishes alone, I must have an art, nail decals, water marble or stamp with them.

So I started with a base coat of OPI DS Glamour, I posted my swatches of it already, you can click and see. Its a stunning holographic color.

Now, here are the pictures.
Without flash!

With flash!

I used Konad M70 with OPI DS Radiance for the stamping. I hope you all liked it because I do, it didn't take me so long to do it. Plus, I love the result.

Have a Great start of the month!

Welcome March! Its going so fast that it is the 3rd month of the year already. I welcomed this month by painting my nails with this gorgeous OPI DS Glamour.

Here are pics from my camera with no flash. Since we live in an apartment and on the 2nd floor, I cant really take pictures outside under the sun, but these pictures are really close to the color of this nail polish when you see it in person.

OPI DS Glamour is a stunning royal blue holographic polish. I applied three coats on the pictures below.

Now, on these pictures, you can tell I use my camera flash, you can see the gorgeous holo on them.

Last, is the blurry picture which shows a rainbow effect on the polish. I love this nail polish. Im so happy that I have this on my collection.