I just wanted to thank everyone who remembered me on this day! Thank you for the greeting cards and presents you gave me.

Let me start with my amazing husband. This is what he gave me...
He didn't buy me any presents but he put money in the card so I can buy anything I want to, sooooo, this is what I got since this is one of my birthday wishlists...

by Nailene
Invincible Gel Polish Starter Kit
This Starter Kit includes everything I needed for perfect DIY gel polish. Kit includes the exclusive Pro 3060 Led Lamp - designed to safely and quickly flash- cure your favorite Gel Polish, sealing in the color to a glossy, damage-proof, mirror-like finish.

Next is from my sister-in-law and her hubby

Since they knew that I love doing my nails, these are what they got for me

A Professional Nail Dryer, oh I love it...

and a Caboodles Sassy Bag

and theres some goodies inside

Yay, additional nail polishes for my collections, and nail art strips in zebra and cheetah (I soooo love animal prints) and all the things I need to do my nails. They were so sweet to get me these things for my birthday. I love them all.
Thank you Mo and Chad.

Next is from my Mom-In-Law

She put some money with the card to buy myself a present/s which I did!
Thank you!

Next is from work

This card came with one meal of my choice for the day I work.
Thank you!

Last but not the least is from my friend Lauren

Thank you!

And of course, to all who wrote on my facebook wall and took time to send me greetings, thank you all. Also, to my family in the Philippines, thank you guys, I miss you all out there!


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